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Becker Europa Traffic Assist DVD V3 0 kadkael


Becker Europa Traffic Assist DVD V3 0

th edition: key modules. The Professional Navigation offers Becker's innovative Navigation system. Becker Leasing and Finance is Germany's leading and Europe's oldest leasing and finance company. Budget and Mid Market, Lending and more. AutoRez Online – The online portal for the German Autobahn Report. More than 22 years of know-how and a solid market presence. More than 25 offices all over Germany. For over 50 years Becker was the market leader in the field of mobile navigation. > SpeedDater: plan transportation. > 30 years: superior infotainment. > With the Becker Traffic Pro the navigation solution not only helps you make navigation on the road, but also to find all possible information on the spot. The software of the navigation solution is always up to date and does not get lost. The detailed maps and a fully integrated navigation traffic. > IT is Becker traffic services, which enables you to be informed at any time about traffic disruptions or services. > Complete package for navigation and search. > The information displayed in the navigation solution is easy to understand and comprehensive. > Other navigation and navigation solutions do not compare to the Becker Traffic . > TMC: TMC Function. > Mobile phones without GPS: traffic aids are the perfect solution. > No more worries about the exact location of your vehicle. > No more worries about the exact time of your arrival. > No more worries about the costs of a toll road. > An optional hardware combination will make the transition simple and easily understood. > Due to the technology and performance, Becker provides the cheapest device for toll collection. > Becker Traffic Pro can be used in an unlimited number of vehicles in a company. > No navigation software is required. The hardware and the software cost about the same. > The Navigation solution is equipped with a standard SIM-Card. > Does not require installation of a navigation software. > i-Motion: REALITY View. > GEO-Location. > TMC: TMC Function. > Vehicle speed display. > E-Mail / SMS. > Sim-Card. > TMC: TMC Function. > GEO-Location. > Vehicle speed display. > E-Mail / SMS. > Sim-Card. > Becker Traffic Pro: Premium mobile navigation system. > Info-Line +49 (0) 7248/711777 [email protected] E-Mail: [email protected] E-Mail: [email protected]

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Becker Europa Traffic Assist DVD V3 0 kadkael

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